Wendy FriedeWendy Friede, Principal of Friede Coaching and Consulting, provides coaching and consulting expertise in two essential areas: leadership development and conflict resolution. Wendy works with individuals, teams and organizations to build strong leaders who can get the best possible results from their people. This work ensures that leaders communicate a clear vision and expectations, create a respectful work environment, and align talent to top priorities.

The result is a focused workplace where employees stay and are highly productive because they know they are valued and have opportunities to learn and grow.

Wendy offers a full range of conflict resolution services. Conflict is a natural ingredient in the workplace that when approached in an open and direct manner can create a positive tension that helps individuals embrace new perspectives and find new ways to work together. Differences such as gender, race, generation, and learning or work style can contribute to conflict, yet conflict handled well results in increased productivity and commitment of the workforce. Learning to lead in a multi-generational workforce is a special area of expertise for Friede Coaching and Consulting.

Wendy is an experienced listener, facilitator and coach who quickly builds trust with clients, helping them gain self awareness and organizational savvy. She has led world-class human resource and ombudsman programs. Wendy was the Corporate Ombudsperson for American Express and led a global team. In this role she reported to the Chairman of American Express and to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. She also served as Director of Management and Organization Development at American Express. Currently Wendy is the Ombuds for 7-Eleven, the franchise organization, Minnesota Department of Transportation employees and supports the NASA Ombuds Program. With experience in multiple sectors, she can work with individuals, teams or organizations to assess their current situation, consider their options for the future, and support them in their execution of new behaviors, processes or structure.


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