Ombudsman Services

Ombuds Services help in these situations:

  • Organizations that proactively want to ensure issues are surfaced in a timely manner
  • Highly regulated organizations where the risk of non-compliance is great
  • Organizations going through high degrees of change
  • Organizations that have had recent reports of wrong doing that have hurt the reputation of an organization
  • Organizations where fear may hamper people feeling safe in escalating concerns

Friede Coaching and Consulting will:

  • Guide you in building an Ombudsman Program
  • Support an existing program to enhance awareness activities, learn trend reporting, grow internationally, train internal Ombudsman, or build work systems.
  • Be the external Ombudsman

Can result in:

  • Increased morale
  • Increased retention and productivity
  • Reduction in time spent resolving conflict
  • Protection of brand
  • Decrease in litigation costs

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