Conflict Resolution

Conflict Coaching and Consulting helps in these situations:

  • Leaders who have inherited a team with a history of conflict
  • Mergers or acquisitions where multiple values and work styles need to come together to become one
  • Organizations that have a culture of avoiding conflict
  • Strong personalities who have to work together on project teams

Friede Coaching and Consulting provides you with:

  • Assessment of the effectiveness of your organization’s dispute resolution resources
  • Strategic and tactical support to set up a comprehensive dispute resolution system
  • Training for leaders and employees to help them understand conflict, avoid contributing to conflict situations and respond in an appropriate manner
  • Mediation of conflict situations

Can result in:

  • Decrease in rudeness and bullying
  • Decrease in stress levels and fear
  • Retention of employees
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in quality and customer service

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