Team Development

Team Development helps in these situations:

  • The formation of a new team
  • Existing teams that are spinning their wheels because of turf issues, trust issues or lack of clarity
  • Lack of communication between team members is stalling or misdirecting work
  • Decisions aren’t made in timely fashion or aren’t adhered to once a decision is made
  • Matrix organizations where relationships are complex

Friede Coaching and Consulting will provide:

  • Assessment of team’s current vision, goals, roles, processes and relationships
  • Creation of a Team Development Plan
  • Coaching, facilitation and skill building
  • Progress check-in

Can result in:

  • Increased role clarity and team productivity
  • Decrease in team conflict
  • Increase in quality of work product and client service
  • Leader able to spend more time leading and less resolving team conflict
  • High morale of team members

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