Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching helps in these leadership situations:

  • Difficulty in engaging a workforce that is stressed to the max
  • Communication that is often misinterpreted or ineffectual
  • A career that appears to be stalled or not moving in the desired direction
  • An organization that is growing or changing and in need of new leadership competencies
  • A skilled technical expert being asked to be more strategic
  • The inability to truly leverage the talent within a team

Friede Coaching and Consulting will provide you with:

  • Assessment of your strengths and opportunities
  • Creation of a development plan
  • Coaching and skill building
  • Progress updates and adjustments
  • Transition to self-monitoring

Can result in:

  • Increased self awareness and skill execution
  • The right people in the right jobs
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Increased respect to individuals

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