Friede Coaching and Consulting provides a broad range of coaching and consulting expertise in leadership development and conflict resolution.

  • Individual Coaching In the most basic terms, coaching is simply the building of a trusting relationship with an experienced and well-trained professional who can help you gain a clearer understanding of your own values, beliefs, behaviors and the effects of these behaviors. Together, you and your coach will work to move you from where you are today to where you want to go. A coach helps you set direction and serves as a supporter but also holds you accountable to the goals you set. The outcome is you realizing your potential.
  • Team Development Team performance is vital for almost every organization, yet finding teams that utilize their full strength is rare. In their book The Wisdom of Teams, authors Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith describe the track record of high performance teams, how behavioral change happens more readily when part of a team, and how work satisfaction is enhanced by the social experience of being a member of a team. Friede Coaching and Consulting can help your team gain clarity, navigate conflict or form a compelling vision.
  • Conflict Resolution Training, Coaching or Consulting Cynicism, irritability, anger, depression and conflict. These are common issues in the workplace. Learning how to manage your reaction to these stresses can significantly help you stay focused and productive. Not all stress and conflict is negative. Positive tension can propel people to think creatively and act. But the skills necessary to deal with conflict in a productive manner are ones that must be learned and practiced. Friede Coaching and Consulting can help you identify and deal with conflict.
  • Ombudsman Services An Ombudsman is a neutral, confidential and informal resource established to help organizations resolve conflict and ensure fairness of processes. Ombudsmen are found in academic, business, government and non-profit sectors and serve employees, clients, franchisees, the public, students, staff or faculty. An Ombudsman is a complement to the formal resources inside an organization. Because an Ombudsman offers confidentiality and neutrality, issues that may not have surfaced any other way will get addressed with this person’s help. Friede Coaching and Consulting can help you establish an Ombuds Office, enhance the one you already have or serve as your Ombudsperson.
  • Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce For the first time in history, there are four different generations working together in the workplace. This unprecedented situation has created opportunities and challenges. Each generation brings different needs around communicating, motivation, and feedback needs. Understanding both the differences and the similarities can help a leader address the needs of each generation. The bottom line is to leverage the strengths of each and minimize the liabilities. Friede Coaching and Consulting can help you grow your own perspective and develop skills for working in a multi-generational workforce.

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