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All these models are used by Friede Coaching and Consulting to help individuals and teams lead and function to the best of their ability.

Team Effectiveness
This model, developed by James Shonk, helps describe the components that need to be present for a team to function effectively. Example

Professional Development Wheel
This tool is used to measure your satisfaction with eight different components of your professional life. Example

Leadership Development
Developing ones leadership capacity begins by understanding your own strengths and opportunities, then building upon your strengths so you can build effective relationships with others and finally using your strengths to contribute to the success of your organization. Example

This model developed by John J Sherwood and John J. Sherer helps individuals identify differences and conflicts when they are at the “pinch” mode so they can address the conflict before it escalates. It is one of many tools Friede Coaching and Consulting uses in conflict situations.

Whole Message Model
This model is used to help individuals prepare for difficult conversations. Example


Often times a leader’s effectiveness is hampered by spending too much time focusing on the past and future versus being present in the here and now. Coaching can help a leader to be grounded in the current reality and increase effectiveness. Example


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